astronomy club

by observing the stars
you can see the past,
present and future

WHO we are

The Astronomical Club is an enlisted affiliation whose legal objective is to work for the improvement of interests in the field of cosmology and related sciences, particularly among youngsters. We coordinate day camps and mid-year gatherings where hypothetical talks on space science as well as sky perceptions are directed. Our teleskop astronomiczny, dla dzieci i dorosłych gatherings are tied in with learning, yet additionally about unwinding in flawlessly arranged towns.

our goals

We provide opportunities to succeed

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commissioned search

paid observation or search for a designated target

cooperation with universities

as part of grants, we share our knowledge with universities

Learning through play

we will be happy to show you that not only our world is amazing

observation of phenomena

you have the opportunity to witness miraculous events in space


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accurate information is provided on social media for club members inspiracja.art

Jan 14, 2022


Jan 14, 2022


Jan 14, 2022

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