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Quasar UK Ltd formed in 2005 as a partner company of RF Solutions Ltd. Quasar UK are able to draw in the experience of the RF Solutions design engineers to develop a high quality range of radio products.

We have and will in the future concentrate on providing a high quality range of products specifically for the low power radio industry. We welcome new ideas, requests and any custom requests so that we can improve our products in any way shape or form.

Quasar UK take full advantage of recent technological advances to keep administration costs at a minimum. These savings are passed directly onto the customer through our product pricing. In order to ensure we can continue to offer unbeatable pricing on our products our sales and technical support are provided through email.

RF Solutions Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of OEM radio control systems. With a turnover in excess of GBP3million and shipping in the order of one hundred thousand products per year, they continue to offer leading edge radio solutions. Current projects include remote controls activated by GSM mobiles, Bluetooth control and Zigbee. Please note, RF Solutions Ltd are a separate company to Quasar UK and are unable to provide support on Quasar UK products.

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