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AM-RX4 Super Regen Receiver Module, 433MHz

AM-RX4 Super Regen Receiver Module, 433MHz
Price: (9 or fewer items) 4.49 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Price: (10 to 24 items) 4.22 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Price: (25 to 99 items) 3.94 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Price: (100 or more items) 3.55 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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The Quasar UK AM receiver module provides a complete Radio receiver which can be used to receive undecoded data from the range of Quasar (UK) transmitter modules.

The module is very simple to operate and offers a low current consumption, allowing for extended battery life when used in mobile applications.

Data can be fed directly into a microprocessor or decoding device, thus keeping the component count down and ensuring a low hardware cost.

All receivers are compatible, producing a CMOS/TTL output, and only require connections to power and antenna.

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